Vienna Storytelling Collective presents:

"Incognito" - an OPEN MIC EVENING

Open Mic Night in der CAFE KORB Artlounge
Vienna Storytelling Collective presents:

The new season of popular Open Mic Storytelling evenings
continues at Cafe Korb!

The theme for 21st October 2021 is "Incognito". As well as our usual wide range of stories, songs, poetry and stand up from from aspiring writers, we will as always have a few headliners who are established professional writer/performers to close the first and second halves of the evening for us. Arrive early, we were full for our September event.

Please read the "What We're About" section of our Meet Up group page for full details of what to do if you'd like to read or perform your work (and please join our Meet Up group to get monthly alerts)

Reservierung & Tickets

N.B. Max. audience size 30 people due to Covid restrictions
- please come early.

Wir bitten die nachfolgenden Punkte zum gesundheitlichen Schutz der Gäste und des Personals zu beachten:

** "3G-Regel" = Nachweis für
> GEtestet oder
> GEimpft oder
> GEnesen
** Anmeldung: siehe "Reservierung"
** Sperrstunde: 24:00 Uhr
** Maximale Besucheranzahl:
> 30 Personen

*ANMERKUNG: Änderungen mit Vorbehalt.

für Ihr Verständnis für diese Richtlinien
und Ihre Treue zum Café Korb.