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monthly meeting at Café Korb

Open Mic Night in der CAFE KORB Artlounge
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Attending the monthly meetings is a great way to become part of our writer’s community.

Every third Thursday of the month we gather at the Cafe Korb (downstairs) to socialize, meet new and old friends, share tips about writing and publishing, and if you feel inspired you can partake in the Open Mic hour. We will open the stage (don’t be intimidated, it’s just a tiny stage, barely off the ground!) to you. We believe that sharing your work, whether it be a poem, a chapter, a short story, a scene, or non-fiction, a song, or stand up comedy, is an important part of the journey to become a better writer. Sharing stories is a way of communicating, a way to bring people together, a way to entertain and inform. Or sometimes it’s just a way of seeing whether your writing has legs and is ready to stand on its own out there in the world. But of course there is no pressure to participate in the Open Mic. You are more than welcome to come and listen! We promote an atmosphere that is friendly, supportive, and constructive. Really, we just get together, have a drink and talk about writing!

... is a Canadian writer, editor and writing coach who has lived in Vienna for the past eight years. Originally from Toronto, she has traveled extensively since a young age, and finds Vienna to be an inspiring place to live and write.

... was born in London in 1968, and studied German, Politics and International Relations at university in Canterbury, Munich and London. He has been writing with a passion since he was young. Since leaving university in the early nineties, he has worked as a journalist for The Guardian in Britain, written and translated for travel and lifestyle magazines in Austria, Germany, and become a well-regarded freelance translator and editor in Vienna.

We ask that you make a small donation (€5-10) to cover the cost of the space

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